Among The Crowd


As a Jehovah Witness, Akaya Holz (10) has grown up without ever celebrating Christmas.

Akaya Holz, Staff

Being possibly the only Jehovah Witness in the school, I respect other people’s beliefs but do not believe in Christmas.

What do I do while others are celebrating Christmas? (And other holidays and birthdays)

Oftentimes as I was growing up, my class would have a Christmas party or assembly. I would simply not attend. Usually I would sit in the hall with a book or go to the library to do some homework. When students would pass treats around, I would politely decline. It never bothered me that the other kids had candy and I didn’t, mostly because when I got home my parents would reward me with a different treat for not taking the ones for Christmas.

How did always sitting out make me feel?

Whenever I stood for what I believed, whether it was holidays, birthdays, or saying the pledge, I felt extremely honored, never once ashamed or felt left out. I was faithfully serving God and making him proud that I stood for what I believed in.

Does this mean I never get presents?

No, I might not get them as often, but my family started a tradition during my parents’ anniversary that we would all get each other presents. We also might get a present every so often without needing a reason!