From Thailand to America

Foreign Exchange Student Experiences a Different World


JoAnna Voss

Parn stands in the snow for the first time.

Emily Klostermann, Contents Editor

Most people in Iowa aren’t excited to see snow; however, one West Delaware junior has been patiently waiting since August.

Yanisa Nanthatanate, better known as Parn, is a foreign exchange student from Bangkok, Thailand.

Parn experienced snow for the first time this past month. She said that she enjoys the snow, but it is really cold. If there is anymore snow, Parn said that she will not like the it.

Once Parn saw the snow, she posted it all over social media for her friends back home to see.

The weather in Iowa is completely different from Thailand. In Thailand it is sunny and the temperature is oftentimes over 100 degrees. Parn said that the temperature varies from “hot, hotter, and hottest.”

Not only is the weather different, but so is the food. Parn explained that in Thailand, people eat pancakes for dessert, not for breakfast. Also, Parn feels the food in America is more expensive.

While in America, Parn looks forward to going skiing, shopping, and trying different foods.

Parn will return to Thailand in June.

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