Health No Longer Required


Emily Klostermann

During first hour, freshman Jaci Bries learns how to provide CPR on a practice dummy in the gym. Teacher Jeff Voss taught CPR lessons to the freshman class so they could learn important skills now that Health I class is no longer required for graduation.

Akaya Holz, Staff

Beginning this year, Health I is no longer a graduation requirement.

District officials dropped the requirement because they wanted students to have more flexibility in choosing their courses.

“It’s one less requirement,” said Robin Mebus, director of school improvement. “And I think students appreciate that because it allows them to use high school to explore.”

Now students are getting health information in different ways.

“They are getting some of it in P.E. class,” Mebus said. “We also have made some changes in our eighth grade FCS class that has created a health unit, which picks up some of the content taught in health class.”

CPR lessons are now temporarily being taught during first hour to freshman, so that they learn that needed skill.

Health I and II are still available as electives for students who are interested in learning life skills.

In health classes, students learn many skills that can be immediately applied to their life. Jeff Voss, who has taught health class for 28 years, said. “We cover a lot of different areas of wellness, physical wellness, social wellness, and mental health.”

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