Red Ribbon Week

Students Participate in the First Red Ribbon Week in Over a Decade.

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Emily Klostermann

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April 3, 2019

TADA (Teens Against Drug and Alcohol) organized the first Red Ribbon Week at West Delaware in over 15 years.

Oct. 23-27 students participated in several activities throughout the week, including watching a Mannequin Challenge video, playing drug-free fun games, acting as Grim Reapers, and acting out drug-related statistics. Students also dressed in jerseys, the color red, sunglasses, hats, and school colors on designated days.

TADA member Victoria Harris (10) said, “The purpose was to make people in our school aware of teenagers abusing drugs and try and to get them to stop using them.”

One of the activities that students participated in was the Grim Reaper. Several TADA members, dressed in black, quietly walked into various classrooms throughout the day and placed a sign on a student stating that they had died due a drug related incident.

“They walked up and put a sign on me,” Ethan Goodwin (11) said. “It said that I died from flipping my truck into the ditch while drunk driving.”

Friday students played drug-free fun games. Some of the activities included balancing baby blocks on a student’s head, slinging rubber bands at pop cans, jumping rope, playing pictionary, moving water from one cup to another using a straw, and making a paper chain.

“The games showed students that they can do fun activities with their peers without the use of drugs,” Harris said.