Three Strikes and You’re Out

After Receiving His Third Concussion, Dylan Linderwell Took on the Role of Becoming a Student Coach.


Paighton Lindauer

Bill Logan and Dylan Linderwell (12) record stats at the home football game on Oct. 20.

Paighton Lindauer, Staff

Three concussions and you’re out of playing contact sports.

After receiving his third concussion, two in football and one in wrestling, Dylan Linderwell’s doctors told him he could no longer participate in contact sports, forcing him to end his football and wrestling careers. Linderwell took action and become the student coach for both football and wrestling. 

Paighton Lindauer
Student coach Dylan Linderwell (12) calls offensive plays on Oct. 20 during the home game against Maquoketa.

Currently, Linderwell helps coach football by going to every practice and supporting his teammates.

According to Head Coach Doug Winkowitsch, everything he does is “priceless.” He helps the assistant coaches, records digital stats and runs the end zone camera. “He does it so graciously.”

Linderwell has always wanted to call offensive plays, but Winkowitsch never allowed him to do so. On Oct. 20 that dream came true. “I was actually really nervous, but once I started doing it, it wasn’t bad at all,” Linderwell said.

His job for the 2016 wrestling season was to run music at practices and help coaches with different organizational tasks. During last year’s season, Linderwell went to every regular season and optional practice even though he was unable to compete.

His biggest impact was the support he showed his teammates. Head Wrestling Coach Jeff Voss said, “Any time you have a positive role model, you have a positive effect.”

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