The Moment You Will Never Forget

Athletes earn varsity spot.

Claire Demmer, Staff

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Every athlete dreams of playing varsity. The moment the coach adds an athlete’s name to the varsity roster is a moment the athlete won’t soon forget.

Andrea Salow
During the cross country meet at Starmont, Maddy Gray (11), runs toward the finish line.

When Coach Ben Moser announced junior Maddy Gray’s name as a part of the varsity roster, she had mixed emotions.

“It felt scary because the varsity expectations are higher and the time has to be better,” Gray said. “It was exciting because you have proven you’re good, not just average.”

After Coach Brett Mather threw a  jersey at Kinley Kolbet (10) and told her to get dressed, she realized her dream had come true. Kolbet was appreciative of the

Emily Klostermann
Warming-up before the Union game, Kinley Kolbet (10) spikes the ball.


“My parents were surprised when I first came out dressed in a varsity jersey,” Kolbet said. “They have always believed that I can do anything I set my mind to. They

have encouraged me along the way to work hard.”

As a freshman, Kale Rempe (10) had a goal of dressing varsity his sophomore year.

Before a Sunday night football practice this summer,  Coach Doug Winkowitsch pulled Rempe aside and told him he wanted him to be on the varsity roster.

Paighton Lindauer
Quarterback Mitchel Mangold (11) hands the ball off to running back Kale Rempe (10) during the Maquoketa game.

“I was nervous because I was playing with a lot bigger kids, and I wasn’t playing with my grade,” Rempe said. “The first game I went on kick off and said, ‘Wow! It’s really happening!’ It was a cool atmosphere to be around.”