Students Perform at All-State and Senior Large Group Showcase

Emily Klostermann, Paris Schaul, and Lea Boies

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Three groups qualified for All State


Three groups recently received All State nominations and were honored at the All State Festival on Feb. 18 in Ames.

One Short Film, directed by Joe Hegland, earned All State with its film “Survival Chronicles.” Participants included Alex Bishop (12), Kara Hawker (12), Jamie Glanz (12), Annie Cassutt (12), Isaac Johnson (12), Austin Pettlon (12) and Jackie Egemo (12).

The other Short Film, directed by Tina Ostrander, was honored at All State with its film, “The Society: The Next Generation.” Participants included Emma Kehrli (12), Parker Ostrander (10), Caleb Kehrli (10), Connor Maurer (10), Joey Sunne (10), Mariah Seeley (11) and Rachel Haight (11).

The Choral Reading, directed by Abby Osborne, performed at All State with their act “Missed Connection.” Participants included Emma Kehrli (12), Annie Cassutt (12), Rachel Haight (11), Kinzie Recker (12), Kelley Scherbring (11), Nick Juergens (12), Justin Grawe (10), Maxwell Weber (11), Grant Schmidt (10), Tyler Salow (10), Kaylee Muller (11) and Morgan Lee (12).

This was the first year ever for a West Delaware Choral Reading group to perform at All State.

“I cried a lot after we found out,” said Kinzie Recker (12). “Being the first choral in West Delaware history to perform at All State is something that we were all proud of. It is something I will never forget.”

Large Group Speech competed at the District Contest at Cascade on Jan. 21. Of the 25 groups, 12 continued on to the State Contest on Feb. 4th.

“Overall, it was a great season. A lot of our seniors get to perform at All State,” said Osborne.