Student Council Hosts Winter Assembly

Erin Mullen, Editor

Student council members hosted this year’s winter assembly on Jan. 17.

Students participated in games ranging from movie feud, building a snowman, lumberjack face, reindeer tongue, and charades.

Senior Faith Litterer helped organize the activities.

“Lumberjack face and reindeer tongue were my favorite games because they were new games and made people laugh,” Litterer said.

Due to a snow storm canceling school before winter break, student council members decided to change the holiday assembly to a winter theme.

“After break, we had to meet about three or four times to alter the slideshow, games and script to match the new theme,” Mary Wegmann, student council advisor, said. “The students did a fantastic job with it.”

High school counselors, Shelby Piersch and Mackenzie Atwater, provided a mental health trivia called True False Showdown. Students participated in guessing facts about their brain health.

“One of the biggest goals of the Together We Are Campaign is to get students talking about brain health in a positive way and acknowledging that our overall wellness is something we need to prioritize,” Piersch said.