Weirdest Christmas Gifts


Katelyn Scott, Staff

Students at the high school have received wacky Christmas gifts. Here are some of the weirdest gifts students have gotten: 

Aaron Murray (11): The weirdest gift I got was socks from my grandma when I was 10 years old. I told her all I wanted was toys, and she didn’t think I needed any more so she got me socks instead.” 

Kianna Johnson (9): “I got photos of myself from my dad for Christmas because as I got older, he didn’t know what to get me.” 

Andrew Drapeaux (12): “My parents got me slipper socks because I liked to go outside and ruin all my socks.” 

Lydia Heims (12): “I got a Barbie with no hair because it was a gag white elephant gift from my friends.”