To Be Continued…

Film & Lit. students develop original films.


Elio Grieson

Film & Lit. students Grant Kramer (12), Olivia Zirtzman (12), Aleaya Holz (11), and Lydia Heims (12) prepare to tape their original film.

Elio Grieson, Staff

Dilly the cucumber and Red the tomato are on the run from detectives after dissecting pickles in search of a way to turn Dilly into a pickle. 

This mystery plot was developed by Film & Lit. students Olivia Zirtzman, Lydia Heims, Aleaya Holz, and Grant Kramer.

Teacher Jamie Smith started off by teaching camera techniques like different shots and angles. “We moved on to sound, lighting and why filmmakers utilize these effects to create their stories,” Smith said. 

Film & Lit. students gathered into five groups, picked a genre such as thriller, science fiction, comedy, or any of the hundreds of other genres, and studied it with different film and literature examples. Students then wrote their scripts and went around the school to film their genre video assignments. Finally, they taught that genre to the rest of the class by presenting their original films.

Zirtzman (12) helped develop the Dilly and Red plot. “I learned a lot about camera shots and angles and the format of a movie,” Zirtzman said. “I like writing. I want to get into creative writing or something like that in college.” 

In the Dilly and Red plot, while on the run from the detectives, Dilly and Red climb a tree and receive an ultimatum to either get down or get blown up. Dilly and Red refuse to get down, and in an incredible turn of events, Dilly escapes just in time to avoid the bomb. Without knowledge of her survival, the detectives celebrate a job well done while Dilly plans her revenge, but that’s to be continued…