Career Expert Talks with Students


Keevan Hauschild

Career Expert Brooks Harper speaks with students about life goals in their future.

Erin Mullen, Editor

Traveling from his hometown of Columbia, South Carolina, Brooks Harper, author and career expert, spoke with West Delaware students about career development Sept. 29. 

Students from Edgewood-Colesburg and Maquoketa Valley joined West Delaware students to listen to the speaker.

Harper emphasized the importance of picking oneself up when facing struggles as well as shared advice about goals, planning, and action. 

Senior Lydia Heims said, “I will remember the story he told about his daughter running up the wrong escalator knowing she was not going to succeed. It represented finding a new path in life if yours is not working as she could’ve moved over to the other escalator to go up.”

Harper encouraged students to turn their “passion into paychecks and learning into earning.” 

The career expert shared many stories from his childhood about value, diligence, and leadership. 

Reiterating that your name is your most valuable asset, Harper said to present yourself in a way that does not diminish your character.

Harper also has written the books “7 Skills to Make Mill$” and “Why Should We Hire You?” sharing his thoughts about preparing students for the workforce.