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Christine Boeckenstedt

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Joining the bowling team requires a big learning curve.

The boys’ and girls’ bowling teams both gained new team members this season. Six players joined the boys’ team while seven bowlers joined the girls’ team.

For the boys, sophomore Tyler Salow believed he knew all the basics of bowling, but he is learning more than he imagined.

“Despite learning that I have the weirdest bowling curve, I learned that we actually have to know the terminology of the bowling alley and how to fix problems you have with your bowling ball,” Salow said.

Another new member, freshman Elijah Heims, is learning as well.

“I have learned the basics and what my proper form should look like,” Heims said.

Although the girls’ team lost four bowlers after graduation last year, new girls rolled in. Foreign exchange student Paula Andrés Rodríguez (11) joined because she has bowled before with family and friends, but never on a team.

I wanted to join an activity, and I have a couple of friends that were doing it, so I decided to go out for bowling,” Rodríguez said.

Senior Miranda Axline is pleased that her sister, Hannah Axline (9), is on varsity alongside her.

“We’ve had a lot of laughs as a team because Coach Boes (Ken Boesenberg) would switch Hannah and my name around when talking to us,” Miranda said. “He wouldn’t notice until one of us would catch it!”

Many new recruits never realized they would learn so much about bowling.

“I’ve learned how to correct my mistakes and that bowling takes time to get to where you want to,” Hannah said.

Hannah really appreciates what Boesenberg does to help.

“Our coach is helping us with some of the small things. Slowly, but surely, it’s making a difference on how we are performing,” Hannah said.

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