2016-2017 Staff

Madalynn Burke


I am Madalynn Burke and I am a junior. I am involved in cross country, basketball, track, show choir, FBLA, and student council. I love cheesy potatoes, chicken nuggets, chocolate milk, and of course Dairy Queen blizzards.... 

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Annie Cassutt


I am Annie Cassutt and I am a senior. I am involved in show choir, speech, cross country, student council, FBLA, NHS, basketball, and musical. I am addicted to black olives and soft serve ice cream, and I conveniently work ... 

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Christine Boeckenstedt


I am Christine Boeckenstedt and I am a sophomore. I am involved in track and FBLA. I enjoy going out with friends and writing. Movies and Netflix is my favorite pastime, and American Horror Story is my favorite show. I am an... 

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Kara Hawker


I am Kara Hawker and I am a senior. I’m involved in cross country, fall musicals, speech, show choir, student council, NHS, spring plays, and dance. In the summer, I work at the Manchester Family Aquatic Center as a Lifeguard a... 

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Andrea Salow


I am Andrea Salow and I am a junior. I’m involved in bowling, show choir, musical and play crew, speech and FBLA. My hobbies include taking pictures, traveling, writing and reading. Many people in the school know me by “Bub... 

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Alexia Chapman


I am Alexia Chapman and I am a sophomore. I’m involved in track. I like watching movies and hanging out with friends. I plan on attending college for photography or biology.

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JoAnna Voss


I am JoAnna Voss and I am a sophomore. I’m involved in volleyball and softball. I like hanging out with my friends and relaxing with my dogs. My favorite show is The Office, and I love apple juice.... 

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Ashley Goebel


I am Ashley Goebel and I am a senior. I am involved in volleyball, golf, student council, and FBLA. During my free time, I like to be lazy and watch Netflix. Spending time with my friends and family is something that is als... 

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Kira Vaske


I am Kira Vaske and I am a junior. I play softball and volleyball and run track. My favorite t.v shows are Fixer Upper and Grey’s Anatomy. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, watching Netflix,... 

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Haley Lyness


I am Haley Lyness and I am a senior. I am involved in volleyball and basketball. I enjoy watching Netflix and reading. My favorite food is mashed potatoes. My future plans include studying speech pathology at an undecided schoo... 

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Rachel Haight


I am Rachel Haight and I am a junior. I’m involved in golf, show choir, musical, and speech. I enjoy being with my friends and my adorable dog Ralph. My favorite thing to watch is Law and Order SVU, and I live for ice crea... 

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Sammy Spray


I am Sammy Spray and I am a senior. I’m involved in art club, and I have the best job ever at the Manchester Public Library. My favorite activities are to draw manga, particularly chibis, and read fiction. I also have two a... 

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Claire Rausch


I am Claire Rausch and I am a sophomore. I’m involved in softball and volleyball and FFA. Outside of school, however, I’m apart of the Petersburg Achievers 4H club, and I show pigs. I also love playing with my 3 legged d... 

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Heidi Yonkovic


I am Heidi Yonkovic and I am a senior. I’m involved in cross country and softball. I enjoy painting and being crafty. Outside of school I spend a lot of my free time with my three cats. I am currently a CNA and plan on goi... 

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Holden Smith


I am Holden Smith and I am  junior. I’m involved in speech, play, and band. I work at Widner’s Drug & Pharmacy and the Coffee Den. I’m currently in the ‘rise to power’ section of my future Wikipedia article. I t... 

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Calasandra Spray


I am Calasandra Spray an I am a junior.  I am involved in Cheerleading, Student Council, Art Club, and yearbook. I enjoy reading, sewing, and painting. I spend my free time watching movies with my two dogs. I work at Fairway and ... 

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