Back to Baby Basics: Students Learn Child Care

Andrea Salow

December 21

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Your baby cries in the middle of the night. Is he sick or is he hungry? Will you know what to do when this happens to you? For seven students taking Parenting I class this term, this won’t be a problem because of the knowledge ...

Over the River and Through the Woods, Kody and Kasey Track the Racks

Christine Boeckenstedt

December 1

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Kody (10) and Kasey Wenger (12), brothers, have enjoyed hunting since around third grade. “Our dad has been our role model in all the aspects of hunting ever since we got our first BB guns and learned how to use them,” ...

Special Olympics Bowls To Win

Sammy Spray

December 1

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Four West Delaware students competed in the Special Olympics Bowling Regionals held at Maple Lanes in Waterloo on Oct. 15. Shelby DeStotel (11) placed first, Boudy Ross (11) second, and Rachel Sunne (12) second. The s...

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