Student’s Family Business Adapts to Changes

Student’s family business continues to stay open and safe during pandemic.


Rio Blanco Mexican Restaurant

Carla Gomez, Contents Editor

The Coronavirus has made all families around the world adapt to numerous changes and approach life in a different way. 

For my family, our change involved our restaurant. 

As we opened up Rio Blanco in Dyersville, Governor Kim Reynolds released new health guidelines. 

Suddenly, we were limited to curbside pickup only. We were required to wear masks, sanitize to a great extent, and perform other safety procedures. 

We’ve only known one way of working our whole life so when we received the new restaurant guidelines, we had to develop a new system for bills, calls, and tickets for the kitchen. 

We were troubleshooting for days on end trying to develop a new routine that would make our system run smoothly. My mom purchased a new IPad to use for tickets and sending tickets to the kitchen faster.

As we started to get busier, we began to make mistakes. We began to mix up orders, forgot to send them to the kitchen, and took orders to the wrong cars. Asking customers to wait up to an hour and a half, we felt so grateful that everyone was so understanding. 

Those days felt like they would never end, and after many failures of new strategies, things finally began looking up. We improved everything we could think of, while also keeping customers safe.

 Customers began messaging us, saying they would continue to support our business. It felt like we had the whole state backing us up. 

We are so thankful for all the love and support of our community.  

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