Intercoms Down Throughout the High School

Renovation knocks down PA system.

Erin Mullen, Editor

While renovations took place around the high school, intercoms were impacted.

Principal Tim Felderman said wires connecting to the intercoms were unhooked and damaged during the renovation process. “Some of those wires were in the crawl spaces when construction workers tore into them,” Felderman said.

While the high school continues on without the PA system, the school patiently waits for the installment.

 “They put speakers in the (new) drop ceilings, so it is a supply chain issue to get supplies,” Felderman said.

Some announcements and possible emergencies are impacted without the PA system. 

“We rely more on the use of cell phones like teacher cell phones (for communication),” Felderman said. “We could still use the fire alarm to evacuate the building with the flashing lights and alarms.”

With no PA system to communicate school-wide, the Student Council hosted the annual turkey trot over Zoom this year. Mary Wegmann, student council advisor, said, “It was different, but it worked.”