Kaylee Osterhaus

What is one positive outcome of social distancing/COVID-19?

     I enjoy my personal space so I suppose that’s my favorite part, but also not having to smell people’s breath is a bonus.

What was the biggest struggle of quarantine?

     Not being able to be around as many people and not being able to go to social events.

What are your opinions on masks?

     I can cover some insecurities and I can hide my facial expressions. I like that aspect of it. The irritation to my ears and not being able to breathe while working out bothers me though. 

What were some challenges of learning at home for you?

     I hated it. Obviously, I understood it was necessary, and it wasn’t necessarily hard. I just wasn’t ever motivated, and I’d wait till the last minute to get things done. It didn’t feel like I was actually learning anything.

What were some of your favorite shows to binge-watch while stuck inside?

     “All American,” “The Circle,” “Criminal Minds,” and “Umbrella Academy.”

What kept you busy throughout the few months in quarantine?

     I had three jobs to keep me busy.


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