Haley Hamm

Student Profile


Brooke Holtz

Haley Hamm, 11

Brooke Holtz, Staff

What was your favorite activity to do while we were learning from home?

     I thought it was really nice to sleep in, and I spent a lot of my time helping families in need by babysitting. I also spent countless hours in my backyard and on the golf course practicing golf. 

What is your favorite part of social distancing?

     I think my favorite part of social distancing is not having people in my personal bubble because sometimes people can get very close to me and act like they don’t know what personal space is. 

What was your favorite snack to eat while being stuck at home?

     I had a few. They tossed between mini brownies from Sam’s Club, fresh strawberries, and pretzel thins. 

What did you enjoy most about learning from home?

     I liked being able to do my schooling in my own time and in my own space. It also felt really good to learn stuff at my own pace because, in the end, it felt more rewarding for me. 

What event were you most sad to miss last year? 

     I don’t even know where to begin. I felt like missed so much, but I would have to say I missed golf season most because I had been working so hard on my drive for this season. The night before we got shut down, I vividly remember the excitement and having my bag packed for the first day of golf season. 

How has COVID personally affected you?

     It has allowed me to see the world in a different way. I’m the type of person that loves to give hugs and high fives to everyone I see, but COVID hasn’t allowed me to do either of those things or even see people for that matter. It has shown me that I take too many things for granted.

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