Reagan Dolan

Abbie Placke

About how many hours do you spend cheering each week?

I’d say between 15 to 20 hours between practices, meets, and 12-hour tournaments.

What is your favorite cheer and why?

My favorite cheer is called “Elbows” or some of the other girls call it “Abbie’s cheer.” This is the first cheer I made up when I was a sophomore, and it’s something that other schools don’t do.

How long does it take you to do your make-up on average?

Most of the time it takes me about an hour depending on what kind of makeup I’m doing. I like to help some of the girls with their makeup too, so sometimes it’ll take me a little bit longer.

What are some cheer essentials?

A blanket! The busses and the gym get very cold sometimes, and wearing skirts when it’s cold isn’t very fun. Tweezers and lotion are also good to have too. Someone is always yelling to ask if someone has tweezers to pluck a stray eyebrow hair, and no one likes dry legs, right?



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