Tyler Salow

Junior David Reddingus

Hawk Personality Profile: David Reddingus

Junior David Reddingus collects bouncy balls. He also plays video games at home, specifically Counter-Strike, where he competes in tournaments with a French-speaking team (even though he doesn’t speak the language).


What is your favorite kind of pizza?

I like pepperoni with bacon ‘cause I like meat.

If you had to pack for a trip to England, what three items would you pack?

My phone, my computer and a charger. I need to charge my computer. You want me to bring clothes? I’ll just bring the clothes on my body. There will be showers, so I’ll just put the clothes back on, even though it’ll be nasty.

If you had to be stained a color, what would you choose?

Purple — I just really like the color purple.

What’s your least favorite time of day?

Morning. I don’t like to wake up.

If you’re getting interviewed for a job, what’s one question you hope they don’t ask?

How is your attendance?

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